Recent past — near future

Busy times for us!  Here’s a quick accounting of recent and upcoming ZAPP happenings (‘zappenings’?).

recent past:

  • On Feb. 21st ZAPP officially became a recognized non-profit by the Office of the Secretary of State of Washington.  Woohoo!!!!!  (Ahem.)
  • On March 4th we put out our very first press release.  Think of it as our State of the ZAPP address!

near future:

  • Don’t forget our party tomorrow night!  Hope to see you at ZAPP Is Alive, Long Live ZAPP at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar (on Capitol Hill) at 7pm!
  • On Sunday, March 16, we’ll be back on Hollow Earth Radio.  Tune in at 2:30 p.m.!
  • We are finalizing plans to launch regular drop-in hours later in March.  Drop-in sessions will be a way to replace the workspace portion of our open hours — stop by to hang out with the ZAPP community and work on your current project.  We’ll be able to reveal details in a day or two!

And here’s what it looks like when you box up a zine archive.  This is 100 boxes, which is not at all the full collection:


100 boxes of zines on the floor, 100 boxes of zines…..