What’s ZAPP been doing?

Here’s a round-up of stuff we’ve been up to:


  •  Every third Sunday for months now, we’ve been on Hollow Earth radio, talking about zines.
  • ZAPP tabled at the Hiawatha Artist Loft for a BBQ and their annual Flea Market.  We busted out some zines and slung a few shirts and shrinky dinks.
  • ZAPP hosted a blanket at the Vibrations art festival in Volunteer Park in August. People sat and read some zines while they listened to the bands. And it was lovely.


  • The second issue of Xenographic, Gynocracy, was printed in July. Thanks to Jon Horn for putting it together!


  •  Want to donate your zines? We have a PO box for that! Or write ZAPP a letter, that would be great, too!
  • A survey was sent out, seeking feedback on ZAPP’s plan for fundraising and finding a new space. We got a ~2% response; results are being compiled but the tl;dr is people want ZAPP to exist, and they want more info on what’s happening.  Please email info@zappseattle.org if you’d like to take this survey and provide your own feedback.