ZAPP is run by a band of intrepid volunteers who are dedicated to preserving this very special collection of historically significant and culturally relevant zines. ZAPP would not exist as a living archive without volunteers, whose roles range far and wide. Maintaining an archive of this size while working toward accessibility to the public is a challenging task, but we do it out of love and respect for all of the voices contained within the thousands of pages that this archive holds.

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Amber Loranger started as a cataloger with ZAPP in 2013, and her first experiences with zines were at the Portland Zine Symposium in the early 2000s. She has a passion for organizing information and helping others find the information they need. She works for Tableau Software as a content manager. She likes board games, science fiction, bad movies, and cats. Her favorite zines are Lost in Love and So What?

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Andy Glaser became involved with ZAPP in 2014 via a staring contest. He has been reading and creating zines since he was a awkward teenager in the suburbs and loves cut-and-paste layouts. Andy spends most of his time in the mountains, but is super excited to help ZAPP flourish as independent DIY organization. Some people only know him as Kittens.


Emily Cabaniss has been helping with ZAPP since 2014. She may be the person who posts to the Tumblr, but all you need to know is that she likes when people make stuff, when people share stuff, and when people DIY stuff so she really likes zines…and stuff. In her spare time she plans dinner parties and plays the musical saw.


Emily van der Harten started hanging around ZAPP in 2010 as an intern and still hasn’t even read every zine in the collection. She has an insatiable appetite for music, which as it happens was the gateway to her introduction to zines in the first place. Emily likes to make zines and organize zine collaborations, put on events, and she is compelled to facilitate ZAPP’s transition toward achieving an independent space. Her favorite distro in Seattle, hands down, is Brown Recluse Zine Distro. She also works at Seattle Opera and lives with her really silly and fun partner and two cats, Chicken and Prune.


Graham Isaac started volunteering at ZAPP in 2009. In 2010 he served as communications intern and has been involved in various capacities since. He came to zines through his interest in music and self-publishing, and has self-published collections of writing and art. He is a writer and organizer and lives in Seattle, Washington.


Jon Horn has volunteered for ZAPP on and off since 2008. He screenprints to blow off steam and is skeptical of narrative, marketability, solutions, convenience, and conceptual awareness. He is co-founder of the collective print shop Fogland Studios, creator of Supramystic Saga trading cards, and an advisory board member of Short Run. Some of his favorite zine-like things are Imaginary Homework, Matière Grasse, and everything from Le Cagibi.


Kathryn Higgins has been working at ZAPP on and off for ten years. She joined in 2005 for DIY Academy II and is particularly passionate about DIY and how-to zines and skillsharing. Her favorite zines are Shark Fear, Shark Awareness and Bio-phile. She also babysits and works at the Seattle Art Museum. She has never made a zine?!


Madeleine Horst started volunteering at ZAPP in 2012. She likes collecting, reading, and sharing zines, and is interested in the opportunities for self-expression and community which zines can facilitate. She also likes mini comics, mini pizzas, and micro donkeys.

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