Welcome, zine friends!

Hi, everyone.  Welcome to the new website for Seattle’s Zine Archive and Publishing Project.  We were founded as a project of Hugo House in 1996.  In January of 2013, Hugo House offered us the opportunity to move out of the House and establish our own independent organization.  We are working on doing just that!

Step #1)  We held our final Open Hours in Hugo House on Saturday, Feb. 15th.  ZAPP is now closed to the public for the time being (although the archive may be visited by appointment — please contact info@zappseattle.org to schedule a time).

Step #2)  We are going to box up the zines and move them into archival storage temporarily.

Step #3)  Stay tuned!  We’re going to have a farewell party!  We’re going to launch a capital campaign!!

Watch this space for more details.  Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter.