Sparka út jams

And we did kick out the jams at the Reykjavik writing jam!

The October 10th reading was the first official event hosted by Seattle City of Literature, produced in partnership with Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature, Iceland Naturally, and ZAPP. Bragi Ólafsson and Karen Finneyfrock each wrote and traded one-sentence character sketches, then wrote stories featuring each others’ characters.

After the reading, ZAPP volunteers helped the audience of 75-100 people create zines from the work they just heard. From the official recap: “Everyone had a chance to walk out with a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted booklet commemorating the event. There were two covers to choose from, featuring the logos of Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature and Seattle City of Literature, respectively, and there were stamps, collage supplies, and other materials available to customize the zines.  We’re sending a bunch of these zines to Reykjavik.”

Thanks to our partners for a great event!